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If you like flashing lights, the exciting pause between spins, beeping noises, multiple lines and the chance to win big money then real casino slots could be exactly the type of games you are looking for. The attraction of real casino slots is mainly due to the large jackpots associated with certain machines. These are often called progressive jackpots as they grow and grow over time until one lucky player collects the lot.

The good thing about slots is that there is something to suit every taste. From games with pirate themes to Egyptian themes or even space you can find it all here at the slot machines.

Register today and get a bonus with your first deposit. The real casino slots you can find on these sites have a minimum bet of 0.05 Euros and a maximum bet of 5 Euros on each spin.

Some of the Real Casino Slots on offer

The Strike it Rich Slots
Check out this wild west themed slot game with 3 reels plus 5 different lines you can bet on. The rules of this online slot machine are easy and more you bet the more you get payed out if a winning line rolls in. With winning lines going across and diagnally you could easily collect a prize for a row of guns or stars.

Doubloons Galore Slot Machine
If you love hunting for treasure like the pirates of old used to then the dubloons galore game might be to your taste. Themed around pirates it has 9 reels and 10 lines to make bets on. Try to get rows of treasure maps, anchors, swords and more to win. This machine also has a wild card symbol so anything could happen.

Tutti Fruiti Slot Machine
No real casino slot machine selection would be complete without a machine with fruits. Fruit machines work in exactly the same way a slot machine would but they use fruits as symbols. With 5 lines and 5 reels the more you bet the more you could win if you collect all the bars or get a row of cherries or oranges.

Where to play real casino slot games

The casinos use a piece of software called java for the games, if your computer is old or you do not have it you can get it for free at the java website here. To play the slots download the java file to your desktop then click on it to start the games up in a seperate window any time you want to play.

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