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Serving you the perfect mix of online interaction blended with a real live casino this actual building is an awesome experience to watch. Take full advantage of the fact that you can play Blackjack unlike any other, roulette round the clock and baccarat daily, forget the past and play at a real casino the future way.

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  • Real Roulette
  • Live Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Holdem Bonus

If you want to get started just stop reading and click on one of the many banners around the site linking to this establishment, or to get more acquainted with the various games such as roulette keep on reading.

The game that most people seem to enjoy is a classic with a history of facinating myths. In the roulette section you can learn many aspects of the game some of which may be new to you.

Another popular live casino card game is baccarat and once you play game it becomes obvious why. Each turn of card is a tense moment when you bet big on baccarat as bond did.

The real casino slots dazzle you with their flashing lights and rows of symbols, with multi line slot machines and themes of all kinds your in for a fun time when you press the spin button.


Blackjack played at a real casino is much better than a virtual one, you also get multiple hands to play with so that means the more you play the better winning chance you have.

Check out the casino for yourself, its free to join and ready to play the real casino game you want right now online from Ireland. The real casino behind the creation of this amazing service is the Fitzwilliam club, a renowned casino in Dublin for many years. The live web casting technology utilized by this web site enables one to play and interact live with anyone else present at the game tables. All results are determined from a real casino game being played in a real brick building.

Famous bets in the world of Roulette

Most people know about the famous poker players but how many of you know about the famous players and bets placed in the history of roulette? Roulette has a very interesting history and many famous bets have been placed. It is true that roulette might not be as popular as poker but nonetheless it is an extremely refreshing game and with the coming of online roulette, more and more people are taking up playing roulette. This article will talk about some of the famous roulette bets. (more…)

Blackjack for Beginners

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games no matter which casino you go to. Blackjack is comparatively simpler to some of the other card games and this is what makes it so appealing to people who are new to the casino concept. (more…)

Betting systems used for Baccarat

The main aim of the Baccarat game is to obtain a hand of 9 or a hand close to 9. There are two main reasons why an individual might choose to play baccarat. First of all a game of baccarat always has a low house edge, be it the player bet or the banker bet. (more…)

Some of the myths about slot games

Many players do not like to play slots games online because they believe that the online games are mostly rigged and have greater chances of cheating the players of their money than the land based slots games. This is not true. The online casinos are usually registered and have proper licenses. (more…)

Blackjack and Variant Casino Card Games

A thrilling game involving deck of playing cards, blackjack can be played in online casinos. Such is its popularity that gaming businesses have regularly come up with more and improved variations of the original blackjack. This is a game where you choose a table, a position and how to deal with identical cards, aiming to achieve maximum total after adding numerical value of all cards he holds. For this all cards are visible to him. (more…)

Origin of Texas Holdem

Of the different casino games, poker is undoubtedly one of the most played card games of all times. One of the things that make poker of popular is the fact that the game is available in numerous various, an interesting variation of which is Texas Holdem. Whichever casino you are playing at whether online or land based, you are sure to find this variation of poker. (more…)

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